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A Divine Duo
Stardust Cabernet Sauvignon and Dandelion’s Sea Salt Caramels

This month of love, embark on a celestial journey with the divine pairing of Stardust Cabernet Sauvignon and Dandelion’s Sea Salt Caramels. With cherry, pomegranate, and cassis notes enhanced by cocoa nib, Stardust Cabernet offers a transcendent culinary experience. Crafted with precision and passion, this wine’s symphony of flavors unfolds with each sip, serving as the perfect canvas for culinary exploration.

Dandelion’s Sea Salt Caramels balances the smooth, buttery sweetness with the perfect touch of salt. These caramels accentuate the wine’s structure when paired, unveiling spicy black pepper, paprika, and thyme notes. Dark chocolate enriches the wine’s tannins, creating a complex flavor reminiscent of Mexican mole with a hint of rose petals.

Embrace the intimacy of flavors as you indulge in the divine duo of Stardust Cabernet and Dandelion’s Sea Salt Caramels. Each sip and bite reveals new layers of complexity, leaving a lasting impression on your palate. Together, these cosmic delights elevate your culinary experience, whether shared or savored alone, to new heights.