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Wine + Technology Pairing: Out-Of-This-World Stardust Cabernet With Coravins

The Game-Changer For Wine Lovers Everywhere

Alright, folks, gather ’round for today’s wine and technology pairing: the Stardust Cabernet Sauvignon and Coravin! If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to enjoy a glass of wine without committing to finishing the whole bottle, then you’re in for a treat. Coravin is here to shake things up in the wine world, and it’s not just for the home enthusiasts – restaurants and bars have already started hopping on this train.

One Man's Stellar Idea

So, here’s the backstory: Greg Lambrecht, a wine lover with a knack for medical tech, looked at the age-old ritual of uncorking bottles and thought, “There’s gotta be a better way.” And thus, Coravin was born! This ingenious device lets you pour wine without pulling the cork – talk about innovation, right?

When Science Meets Wine

Let’s break it down: Coravin features a sleek needle that carefully pierces through the cork, allowing you to pour yourself a glass of wine while leaving the rest of the bottle untouched. Cork is a natural substance, so the hole closes up after you remove the needle. Plus, Coravin replaces the wine you poured with an inert gas to keep the remaining wine fresh. It’s a little science experiment that keeps your wine tasting amazing!

Image Courtesy of Coravin Business
Keeping the Party Going

One of the coolest things about Coravin is its ability to preserve the flavor of your wine over time. We’ve all been there: a Tuesday night, takeout on the counter, and we just want a glass of wine with our meal (not the whole bottle). Say goodbye to wasted bottles due to oxidation, each pour tastes just as delicious as the first. 

Does your palate prefer a well-aged Cabernet that’s been laying down for a few years? Opening library wines can be as nerve-wracking as an avocado – it’s young… young… young… perfect… and then a little more aged than you’d prefer. This tech takes the guessing out of the equation; you can take that 2014 Stardust Magnum that you’ve been saving and test a small pour before popping the cork!

Tasting with friends also gets an extra sprinkle of magic with the ability to hold parties where guests can sample multiple fun wines without the pressure to drain a bottle (now is the time for that vintage vertical tasting you’ve been meaning to plan, we’ll wait for our invite). 

Embracing Innovation

As Coravin continues to make waves in the wine world, it’s clear that innovation knows no bounds. We’re honored to keep this new tradition up with our unique Cabernet Sauvignon developed for a Michelin-Star-level palate, aged for an extra 3 years before release. 

So, our fellow wine enthusiasts, aficionados, and professionals, let’s raise our glasses and toast to the brilliance of innovation and change. Here’s to many more delightful moments shared over a glass of our favorite vintage. Cheers!


2018 Cabernet Sauvignon​

Experience the wine that Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate called “full-bodied, plush, and intensely fruity. [The Stardust Cabernet] has loads of spicy accents with a long fragrant finish” (93+ points).

With notes of plum, blackberries, and silky créme de cassis, find out for yourself how this stellar wine was created to be the perfect compliment to any dish.